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Olofsson Leaves Centre Party Post, Sweden Gets Moody’s AAA, Stockholm Castle Facelift Underway, Runaway Cow Creates Havoc

Olofsson Leaves Centre Party Post

Maud Olofsson says she is satisfied with what was accomplished during her time as leader of the party.

Maud Olofsson is stepping down as leader of the Centre Party (C) after ten and a half years in that position, effective in September, when the party meets.

She leaves it to her replacement to determine her role in the future of the party, and says she is looking forward to spending time with family and that now, a new generation can take over.

Key events during her tenure include the formation of the centre-right Alliance, which has governed Sweden since 2006, and the softening on certain positions previously held by the party, i.e. nuclear power and other key stances.

Moody’s Rates Sweden AAA

Sweden is financially Stable. That, according to captial risk analyst Moody’s, the company that helps markets determine financial metrics and size up risks.

Among the plus points for the country are a high level of competitiveness that analysts say has helped exports, a high standard of living, and a stable political environment.

Stockholm Castle Gets A Facelift

Swedes set to spend 500,000 SK on Stockholm Castle.

The sandstone from Gotland that covers the lower third of the facade of the castle is, after 300 years, starting to show serious wear. When bits of the roof fell off in 2005, it was a sign that something had to be done.

Andreas Heymowski, the architect leading the restoration on the castle, has been trying out new conservation methods already on the northern side of the building as a test phase.

Built in 1697, after a previous structure there burned, the castle is used as an office for the King, Queen and other management offices for the head of state.

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Cow and her captors take a romp Friday near Jönköping.

Runaway Cow

Residents of Ljungarum, a residential area near Jönköping, got a thrill today when suddenly, a runaway cow visited their neighborhood.

It turns out she had been moved to a pasture from another location earlier in the day, and somehow had escaped, either disoriented by new surroundings or even, afraid of new cows in the pasture.

According to the owner of the animal, cows fall into patterns and become upset when changes are introduced. She is now safely back in her own paddock.


What is being called classic mid-summer weather for Sweden will be in effect this weekend, with alternating periods of sun and rain over much of the country on Saturday and Sunday, temps mild.

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